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Santa Monica California

Is your broker keeping too much of your hard earned comission?

Santa Monica 100% Commission
If you like the sun and the beach then Santa Monica California is the place to be. With miles of open public beach you can find many happy couples and families walking the shore. The real estate prices are set by the high desirability of the area. Santa Monica California has 19 neighborhoods that many real estate agents and companies have been servicing for the past 80 years. Over 45% of real estate is valued over $1,249,000 and that includes a very high ratio of mansions overlooking the ocean and beautiful sunsets. If real estate agents in Santa Monica California are on a 100% commission plan they can increase the commission they make per transaction by thousands. 
Take the challenge and see how much commission you can save when you join a 100% commision broker. In total there are about 45,000 homes and apartments that makeup Santa Monica California's real estate landscape. 100% commision real estate brokers can market to over 70% of the homes as a buyer's agent. With the 100% commission flexibility they can offer the buyer closing cost incentives. As 70% of people are renters in Santa Monica California, they could use incentives to help them become homeowners.  Another factor is that 63% of the real estate in Santa Monica California are apartment complexes. A 100% commission real estate broker could send mailers to all the apartment complexes with information on how to buy real estate. If you would like to be one of the thirteen lucky gents we are looking to add to our 100% commission company give us a call.​

Santa Monica Snapshot

Realtor Associations:  BH/GLAAR
MLS Providers: TheMLS
Population: 92,478 
Average Household Income: $74,534
Average Home Purchase Price: $1,531,600
Famous People from Area: Larry David
Notable Places: Santa Monica Pier
Chamber of Comerce: Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
Parks & Recreation: Santa Monica Parks & Rec