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Long Beach California

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Long Beach 100% Commission
Long Beach California is one of Los Angeles County's vacation spots that touches the ocean and brings tourists from all around the world.  Long Beach California has 111 neighborhoods that have increased in value by over 10% in the past decade. The agents who are part of a 100% commision real estate company know that over 50% of the homes in Long Beach California are built inbetween 1940 and 1969. It's amazing to be collecting a large commission check for a home that is that old, especially when employed by a 100% commission real estate company. Real estate agents that know the long beach market well are aware of the fact that 25% of the homes are 1 bedroom. Most 100% commission real estate companies have no problem finding a buyer in Long Beach California.

The next fact is that 61% of the people living in Long Beach California are renters. 100% commission real estate companies can increase their revenue by marketing to renters and offering to help them find homes. The real estate broker can distribute the leads to their 100% commission real estate agents who earn a 30% extra commission. Real Estate Source, Inc is anticipating around 21 real estate agents to join the company and start earning a 100% commission. Our plan has a $595 flat fee broker fee. Long Beach California is a beautiful alive city that has potential to bring forth happiness from every agent who lives there that is working with a 100% commission real estate broker.

Long Beach Snapshot

Realtor Associations:  BH/GLAAR
MLS Providers: TheMLS
Population: 470,130
Average Household Income: $52,944
Average Home Purchase Price: $583,300
Famous People from Area: Jenni Rivera
Notable Places: El Dorado Nature Center
Chamber of Commerce: Long Beach Chamber of Commerce
Parks & Recreation: Long Beach Parks & Rec