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Why California Lending Source?

California Lending Source is a mortgage broker that has been servicing California Borrowers since 2009. We have access to multiple residential and commercial wholesale lenders with rates and products ranging from A+ Paper loans to hard money financing. We are also have an established team of very experienced senior loan officers to help structure hard to place loans and find the right lender for the difficult deal. 

When you decide to join California Lending Source as a Loan Officer, you gain access to all of our lenders and resources to help you close more loans that many traditional lending brokers cannot close.

Some of the benefits of joining California Lending Source include:

  • 24/7 broker support
  • Onlie application and e-signatures   
  • Free personalized lead capture page
  • Free co-branding marketing materials available 
  • Flat fee commission structure
  • E&O Included
  • In-house processing
  • Options for your self-employed borrowers

We have access to the following lenders:


California Lending Source has a flat fee commission structure similar to that of Real Estate Source, Inc. Our goal is to make the commission payout as transparent and simple as possible so that you know what your commission will be on every deal. Below is a breakdown of the fees as well as an example of how everything is applied if you were to pay processing out of your commission directly.

  • $795 Broker Fee 
  • 0.73% for Workman's Comp ($7.30 every $1,000 in net comp)
  • 3rd party Processing Fee (varries from $600-$1000) -OPTIONAL- 

Requirements to Join

  • CalDRE License must be under the employ of RES inc [How to Join RES, Inc.]
  • Must be licensed by NMLS Through the DRE
  • For experienced LOs only

How To Join

Sign and date all pages of the below document "Policies, Procedures & CLS Contract.
Please be sure to read through the compliance announcements (links provided below) to be sure you are up to date with the latest broker requirements! 

Please submit all signed contracts to [email protected]