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Legal Services of America

Real Estate Source is proud to offer you and your clients a Risk Management Program, provided by Legal Services of America.  This program will provide clients and you access to a team of Real Estate Attorneys before, during and after the close of escrow. Legal questions may arise at any time druing and after a  transaction, a team of real estate attorneys can assist with those questions, should you or your clients need it during or after the close of escrow.

Buyer / Seller Services

Agent Services

-Legal Advice for Selling Property
-Counsel on how to take Title
-Credit Problems
-How a Pending Divorce may Affect the Property
-Bankruptcy Issues
-Property Liens
-Seller Finance
-Sale of Trust Held Properties
-Mortgage Issues
-Complicated Title Issues
-Disclosure Statement
-Advice and Counsel Concerning the Transfer
-Help With Demand Letters
-Legal Advice on a Short Sale
-Help with Small Claims Process
-Legal Advice on a 1031 Exchange
-Legal advice for Transactional Issue
-Mediation Services Involving Disputers with the Buyer/Seller

-Telephone Consultation
-Document Review
-Written Threat of Suit
-Small Claims
-Commission Collection
-Risk Management Program for Buyers and Sellers
-Mediation Benefit
-BRE Defense
-Board of Realtor Hearing, Mediation or Arbitration
-Reduced Hourly Rate
-Past Acts Coverage
-Deductible Coverage

All Benefits and their description can be found below:
Risk Management Program Benefits for Brokers & Agents 
Risk Management Program Benefits for Buyers & Sellers

Invoice Copy

By enrolling in the above Risk Management Program the Licensee agrees to the following:  I agree that all of my real estate transactions that close after the inception of this Plan will have the Buyer or Seller Risk Management Program for the side(s) that I represent.  The fee of $74 will be paid through escrow by my client (buyer, seller, or both if i am dual agent), or I will personally pay the fee out of my commission split, or any combination thereof. Under no circumstances will the buyer or seller be required to pay for this service.

This agreement shall commence as of the date below and continue for a period of twelve months. Thereafter, benefits under "The Plan" shall continue uninterrupted until cancelled by either party.  If the "Company" desires to cancel after twelve months, a written notice must be received by "LSOA" ninety-days (90) prior to cancellation. Benefits for the buyers and sellers will continue until the one year period of service has been completed.

**All Benefits and their description can be found in the Risk Management Program Benefits for Brokers & Agents or Buyers & Sellers.

Here is the contact person for further questions. 

Virgil A. Flores Jr.
Legal Services of America Inc. 
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