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Lakewood California

What could you do with up to 30% more commission?

Lakewood 100% Commission
If you are a real estate agent in Lakewood California you should know that the home prices range from $500,000 to $950,000 and that means the commission checks are a nice size. If you are not on a 100% commission structure, then there is a lot of money is being taken from each paycheck. Imagine what kind of marketing budget you could have with the extra money from a 100% commission plan. When agents get on a 100% commission plan they can have more control and budget for expand their market reach. The home ownership rate in Lakewood California is at a staggering 71%, and 28% are renters. 100% commission agents could spend more of their commission on marketing and getting listings based on the given information.

 After all, listings control the market and when you have listings in Lakewood California under a 100% commission plan, working on them work becomes more fun because you are making more commission. More than 57% of the real estate in Lakewood California are 3 bedroom 2.5 bath homes and any knowledgeable 100% commission real estate company knows that families are buying them and agents should be directing their marketing to reflect the needs of families. The best place for a 100% commission real estate agent to do marketing is at family events and places.

Lakewood Snapshot​

Realtor Associations:  BH/GLAAR
MLS Providers:  TheMLS
Population: 81,138
Average Household Income: $79,113
Average Home Purchase Price: $570,600
Famous People from Area: Joel Adamson
Notable Places: Cerritos Library
Chamber of Commerce: Lakewood Chamber of Commerce
Parks & Recreation: Lakewood Parks & Rec