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El dorado County 100% Commission

El dorado County is one of Northern California's sought after Real estate markets with home prices upwards of $550,000. El dorado County is home to many different top rated real estate companies and brokerages. With fine real estate brokerages comes extremely elite real estate agents who deserve a 100% commission for their hard work. El Dorado County is attracting many buyers from the bay area who are selling their Real estate and moving to El Dorado Hills California. Real estate Agents can increase their business by making their contact info available to be found by consumers looking to move to the area. By being part of a reputable 100% commission real estate brokerage you can be sure to have the money to spend on marketing. Real estate Source, Inc. has been helping buyers and sellers of real estate in El Dorado county since 2007. We have many repeat happy and satisfied clients who have been helped by our elite group of 100% commission agents. Our real estate company has a great reputation and relationships with may of the builders here in El Dorado County because we have sold many of their homes through our network of clientele. Many of clients received a closing cost credit from the  agent as a thank you because the agents received a 100% commission minus a flat fee of $595. The 100% commission plan gives agents the ability to thank clients with a credit at the closing table, it's a win win situation because the agents are part of a 100% commission real estate company that is offering their brokerage services in El Dorado County California. More and more agents in El Dorado County are realizing the power of their own mind and how buyers and sellers are doing business with them because of their reputation and the ability to keep 100% of their hard earned commission. Because of the high prices of real estate in El Dorado County, agents benefit a lot by joining a Real Estate broker that offers a 100% commission with a flat fee so the agents know exactly how much they will make on each 100% commission transaction.
The real estate economy in El Dorado County is very strong and growing. It's important for agents who want to sell real estate in El Dorado County to be on a 100% commission plan with a Real estate company that offers great service and has a local presence and office space locally to meet clients. Our 100% commission was introduced in El Dorado County in may of 2007 and immediately gained traction with many of the aggressive real estate agents who want to make more commission and keep it. If you are are real estate agent in El Dorado county and have heard of our 100% commission plan please don't wait any longer to make an appointment with our broker to see how a 100% commission program with only a $595  flat fee can benefit you.