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Carmichael California

Are you looking for 100% commission brokerage in Carmichael?

Carmichael 100% Commission
Carmichael California is one of Sacramento's most looked at areas by investors who like to flip real estate. Real estate agents with our 100% commission plan have been helping investors and homeowners buy and sell real estate in Carmichael California since 2007. We have many outstanding agents who have been helping clients in Carmichael, and getting a 100% commission. Please read our contract on the how to join page and see why so many agents are joining our 100% commission real estate company. Agents in Carmichael California can offer closing cost credit to their clients directly from escrow, or they can take listings at a lower percentage than traditional real estate companies because of the 100% commission plan.  

You can take control of you real estate business and gain more business by switching to a 100% commission real estate broker. Take the challenge and see how much you could save on your real estate transactions if you had a 100% commission structure. The Real estate market in Carmichael California has been very hot and will continue to be a highly desirable location for consumers, real estate brokers and here at Real Estate Source, Inc. we will continue to market our 100% commission plan to every real estate agent that is not getting a 100% commission for only a $595 flat fee and a .73% workers compensation. Please give us a ring to learn more about our 100% commission real estate company.

Carmichael Snapshot

Realtor Associations: Placer County (PCAR), Sacramento (SAR)  
MLS Providers:
Metrolist MLS
Population: 61,762
Average Household Income: $54,598
Average Home Purchase Price: $394,400
Famous People from Area:  Dusty Baker
Notable Places:  Carmichael Park
Chamber of Commerce:  Carmichael Chamber of Commerce
Parks & Recreation:  Carmichael Parks & Rec