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Burbank California

Is your broker keeping too much of your hard earned commission?

Burbank California 100% Commission
Many real estate agents who reside in Burbank California are familiar with and know the 24 communities that make up the city of Burbank California. The real estate prices range anywhere from $637,000 to $955,00, and these prices make up 44% of the real estate market. Real estate agents and companies are extremely profitable in Burbank California. Real Estate commissions in Burbank California are usually above $20,000, and giving away 30% of that is too much when the agent has done all the work, not to mention marketing and getting clients. Burbank California has over 30,000 real estate agents and this area has  huge potential for real estate agents receiving a 100% commission.

When 100% commission real estate agents get a client that is in need of a little break on the closing cost, the agent can contribute that amount from their 100% commission at closing time. Having a 100% commission broker on your side means you can help clients with part of your commission, instead of your broker who is collecting 30% of your commission. When you help clients financially by covering some of the closing cost, the reward is that they will be more likely refer more clients to you.  That can be one of the great benefits of your 100% commission plan. Not only are you still making more commission but you will close more deals and receive 100% commission on them.
We are looking for agent is Burbank California who are interested in making a 100% commission from now on. Please give us a call and learn more about the 100% commission plan available to all Burbank California real estate agents. Based on our findings there should be at least 18 real estate agents in Burbank California that can benefit from a 100% commission real estate company.

Burbank Snapshot

Realtor Associations: BH/GLAAR
MLS Providers:  TheMLS
Population: 104,447
Average Household Income: $66,076
Average Home Purchase Price: $790,100
Famous People from Area:  Zella Lehr
Notable Places: Griffith Observatory
Chamber of Commerce: Burbank Chamber of Commerce
Parks & Recreation: Burbank Parks & Rec