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Antelope California

Is your broker keeping too much of your hard earned commission?

Antelope 100% Commission
Antelope California is only a short 15 mile drive to the state's capital that offers affordable priced ranged real estate for families on lower income levels. Real estate shoppers can still find homes in the $250,000 price ranges to $340,000.  Real Estate Source has attracted many real estate agents to our 100% commission plan in Antelope California, our 100% commission plan gives agents a higher level of comfort, knowing what their commission will be each time. We have our corporate real estate office only a short drive from Antelope California that can be used by our 100% commision agents who are part of our 100% commision real estate company. Our goal is to have 13 real estate agents who can help service our clients needs in Antelope California. 

Send the Broker a note with any questions about our 100% commission plan for real estate agents and brokers.
With lower priced homes comes smaller commissions, which means you have to close more transactions when you are on a 70/30 split. If you are not happy with your commission structure then you should change to a 100% commission real estate company.

Antelope Snapshot

Realtor Associations:  Placer County (PCAR), Sacramento (SAR) 
MLS Providers:  Metrolist MLS
Population: 45,770
Average Household Income: $63,607
Average Home Purchase Price: $350,000
Chamber of Commerce:  Antelope Chamber of Commerce
Parks & Recreation:  Antelope Parks & Rec